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Old Fashioned Sweets

Old Fashioned Sweets

We are an olde worlde / retro sweet shop based in Erdington and specialising in old fashioned sweets.
Specialising in old fashioned sweets from your childhood, traditional sweets,retro sweets and some modern sweets too. With a good dose of imported chocolates, gourmet fudges and a whole range of sugar free sweets there is something for everyone.
The shop came into life after a conversation about the sweet shop the Mrs and I used to go into on the way to school. (just a couple of miles down the road from where this shop is)
Reminiscing about the sweets we used to love, and comparing them to the sweets of today. We realised, right there and then, that we are all putting up with sub-par sweets. McTunneys was born!

Our Mission

Sweets are our passion! Plain and simple. Always have been, always will be!
Everything we sell is tasted and tested, so we know you are getting the best product available.
All of our Retro Sweets are either from the original manufacturer, or the best alternative that there is.

Whether it be boiled sweets or fudges, if they don’t meet the McTunneys standard they are not sold in our store!

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