American Hard Gums

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of Chewy, sugar coated fruit flavoured gums

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American Hard Gums

American Hard Gums – Large, chewy, sugar coated fruit flavoured gums.
These are semi firm and always end up sticking to your teeth! – Just like you remember!
A real retro sweet treat, a bag of these seems to last for an age!
Just for your reference, these are what, in the USA they refer to as gum drops.
We also stock Dew Drops, a smaller, softer version.

Sugar FreeGluten Free
Sugar FreeNo artificial colours
No artificial coloursNo artificial flavours

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6 reviews for American Hard Gums

  1. rachel

    Great American Hard Gums

  2. cloe

    great little sweet

  3. nash

    very chewy explodes with flavour

  4. steven


  5. jenny

    very nice, perfect for keeping hubby quiet for half hour

  6. lee

    just as i remembered them

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