Irn Bru Fudge

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of Irn Bru Iron Brew Flavour Gourmet Fudge

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Irn Bru Fudge

Irn Bru Fudge – Another of McTunneys fabulous gourmet fudges. Also known as IRON BREW Fudge. This fudge perfectly captures the taste of IRN BRU in every single mouthful. If you like irn bru, and you like fudge this really is a no brainer. Lovingly referred to as BRUDGE by true fans!
One of our softer in texture fudges, highly recommended for anyone who loves the taste of IRN BRU.
More Gourmet Fudge Flavours acan be found on our fudge & nougat page.

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  1. josh

    absolutely gorgeous!

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