Pontefract Cakes

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Per 100G BAG
of Soft Jelly Liquorice Pieces by Taveners

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Pontefract Cakes

Pontefract Cakes – have been around since 1614! Soft, jelly like liquorice,that’s a “love ’em or hate ’em” kind of sweet.
Similar in taste to the Lions Poor Bens or Liquorice Gums, but softer, more jelly like. A favourite of many shop regulars. Only Taveners brand is good enough! Whilst these have been copied many times by other companies. They’ve never quite got it right.
We really love ’em!!

suitable for vegetarianGelatine Free
suitable for vegetarianNo artificial flavours
suitable for vegetarianNo artificial colours

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4 reviews for Pontefract Cakes

  1. luke

    Love the taste of liquorice but hate the texture. What a wonderful compromise these are.

  2. darren


  3. kaz

    Lovely liqourice bliss!

  4. jess

    very good, much chewier than the liquorice gums.

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