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Sugar Free Sweets Gift Box


of sugar free retro and traditional sweets.

Sugar Free Sweets Gift Box

Sugar Free Sweets Gift Box – the perfect novelty gift for any sweetie fan, including those on restricted/no sugar diets. Full of your favourite sweets and they are all SUGAR FREE including; (click on the sweet to see full details)

Sugar Free Choc Raspberries, Choc Mints, Choc Limes, Sherbet Lemons, Mint Humbugs, Cola Bottles, Barley Sugars, Liquorice Toffees, Liquorice & Blackcurrants, Devon Toffees, Pear Drops, Aniseed Twists, Fruit Drops, Mintoes, Jelly Teddy Bears, Dandelion & Burdocks

The overall weight is approx 350g-400g


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